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In the time known as the Wild West, bounty hunters and outlaws would roam the deserts looking for their next paycheck. You are a bounty hunter looking for the outlaw known as "Ammo-Joe".  When you hear he is making his way over to the next town, you confront him and challenge him to a duel...


Tombstone is a 1-on-1 top-Down Shooter whose main objective of the game is to defeat your opponent in a gun-fight.  This game was created as my first year university’s project and is my first game made using SFML.


Both the player and the opponent can fire 6 shots at each other, after which they need to reload their guns. The player can use barrels as cover.  After being shot the barrels will take damage and eventually break which will allow bullets to pass through them, stopping the player from taking cover. The enemy will become more aggressive the lower his health gets. The player moves around the enemy in a circular movement. 


  • MOUSE 1 – Fire
  • MOUSE 2 – Aim
  • W/S/A/D – Up/Down/Left/Right
  • R – Reload
  • Escape – Pause Level


Game sound/music may be loud on load

Install instructions

  1. Download Tombstone.zip file
  2. Extract Files
  3. Run Tombstone.exe


Tombstone.zip 3 MB

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